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Ciotole con inserto & Ciotole cucite

The artefact

This collection of hand-crafted and decorated black ceramic bowls features charming and striking aesthetics in two different variations. Ciotola con inserto is a black bowl embellished with a red insert latched with a thin string, resembling the clips used in the past to repair the precious broken vessels. Ciotola cucita is a ceramic black vessel cut and stitched with a ribbon, inspired by the traditional women's bodice worn in Sardinia.


Tecniche di lavorazione: Lathe-shaping, Bucchero, Glazing
Dimensioni: Diameter cm 13 to cm 26 ; Height cm 4 to cm 10
Località di produzione: Serramanna

Artigiano: LS Linearte
Settore: Ceramics

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