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The artefact

The fine and dreamlike decoration is the core feature of the collection, interpreted through the stylized form of a cow, with a shiny moon overlooking it, surrounded by plants and flowers. Designed as a platter or centrepiece, it recalls the shape of sa palinedda, the basket traditionally used in Sardinia to store and work bread. The decoration features shades of blue and the artist's pictorial skills, proposing stylized elements of the world of plants and animals. Conceived as an object of daily use, despite the deep artistic connotation, it is crafted with atoxic lead-free materials.


Tecniche di lavorazione: Plate shaping, "A colombino" shaping (coiling), Manual shaping, Glazing, Ceramic glazing, Graffito
Dimensioni: Diameter cm 40; Height cm 5
Località di produzione: Cagliari

Settore: Ceramics

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