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Su Lasu pendant

The artefact

750 (18 K) yellow gold filigree pendant or brooch, featuring semi-precious stones, pearls and agate cameo and baroque pearls. This jewel consists of three elements. Consisting of a fretworked foil engraved with leaves, filigree and pearling. Semi-precious stones and agate cameo included in the lower element. On the upper part, su froccu. In the centre, sa gioia, and another element in the lower section, Su dominu (the symbol of matriarchy). Greek fret mesh to join all elements.


Materiali: Gold, Semi-precious stones, Pearls
Tecniche di lavorazione: Filigree
Dimensioni: Width cm4,5; Height cm 11 ;
Località di produzione: Nuoro

Artigiano: Goddi Salvatore
Settore: Jewels

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