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  • Typical of the local goldsmith tradition, god-sons received the corniola (carnelian) ring when they were christened, as a present that, in the future, they would give to their fiancée.

  • This precious ring depicts the spider, which is the symbol of intricate and patiently woven webs. Realised as a one-off piece according to the sophisticated goldsmith and sculptural techniques using silver, shells and precious stones, it is part of the collection dedicated to Insects.

  • This precious gold necklace includes 30 finely-crafted and mounted filigree elements, suggesting the charming shape of a sea urchin.

  • The original fine lines of these earrings are based on a refined stylistic project and inspired by the ring-shaped rags and branches, locally known as su titile and used traditionally to support and carry weights on the head.

  • Necklace made of silver, copper and pyrite using a torch. The object is part of the Nuggetscollection consisting of unique pieces and offers a reinterpretation of the surface and shape of nuggets in the rough. The silver and copper shades are enriched by the inclusion of pyrite crystals.

Il settore

Nowadays, filigree is still the most popular technique used in Sardinia jewellery, granting a peculiar identity to local production, mainly due to the virtuosity achieved by local artisans.


Over time, new techniques and experiments have be performed. Charming and interesting results have been crafted.


These experiences reinterpret the great goldsmith's art tradition of the Island, but also open up to interesting original collections, closer to the most modern designs.


A local heritage, an added value, approached under new perspectives, recalling local traditions, resulting in original modern collections and giving new life to knowledge and skills.