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  • This sophisticated and charming silver ring consists of small plates assembled together, on which three small, bright blue topazes are set. The jewel is part of the collection dedicated to the study of the natural elements, evoking the charm and transparency of sea waves.

  • The elegant Ugia Pavone brooch, taken from the goldsmith tradition of the island, typical of Fonni in particular, reinterprets the evocative shape of the peacock's tail, skilfully crafted with fine gold filigree and garnet.

  • The delicate profile of a woman wearing a headscarf with her eyes shut characterises this necklace made with artistic and sculptural technique. Made in silver, pinchbeck, semi-precious stones and pearls, it fully expresses the distinctive dreamy style of this goldsmith’s workshop.

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  • The round form of this fine silver pendant combines the ornaments of the local goldsmith tradition with wavy shapes that are inspired by seaweed. It is part of the Duos line featuring the combination of traditional motifs with original interpretations.

Il settore

Nowadays, filigree is still the most popular technique used in Sardinia jewellery, granting a peculiar identity to local production, mainly due to the virtuosity achieved by local artisans.


Over time, new techniques and experiments have be performed. Charming and interesting results have been crafted.


These experiences reinterpret the great goldsmith's art tradition of the Island, but also open up to interesting original collections, closer to the most modern designs.


A local heritage, an added value, approached under new perspectives, recalling local traditions, resulting in original modern collections and giving new life to knowledge and skills.