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"Linea Corallo" Sunflower starter's plate

The artefact

This elegant plate features different compositional forms, made of white ceramic and decorated with coral motifs. The lidded central container, originally intended as a rice bowl, may also be used as a platter, matching the rest of the plates. Handcrafted into precious individual pieces, it is part of the Linea Corallo collection, that icncludes plates and a wide range of matching dining set elements.


Materiali: Clay, Glaze
Tecniche di lavorazione: Moulding, Glazing
Dimensioni: Larghezza composizione circolare cm 60
Località di produzione: Dorgali

Artigiano: Lino Loi
Settore: Ceramics

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Crafting technique: Moulding Glazing
Materials: Clay Glaze