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Totem modular bookshelf

The artefact

This modular bookshelf can be used in combination with others thus resulting in a kaleidoscopic designs inspired by textures with effects of Sardinian traditi .on. The solution to three vertical modules supported by the iron element, Totem, can be customized as to the model of the doors, or wood shelves and glass shelves. Built based on a design by architect Robert Virdis, it expresses the readiness of the craftsmen to collaborate for the creation of new design items.


Tecniche di lavorazione: Woodcraft in Sardinia
Dimensioni: Modulo altezza cm 50, larghezza cm 50
Località di produzione: Mogoro

Artigiano: Techno Legno Plus
Settore: Wood

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Crafting technique: Woodcraft in Sardinia