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Techno Legno Plus

  • They use simple and essential lines to makes the archetype of multifunctional shelves: they are available in two versions, one with natural wood and the other in coloured wood. They are called “Casette”, designed by architect Roberto Virdis and manufactured by the joinery.

  • Clean and elegant lines characterize the wooden chair shaped based on accurate finish and fabric inserts worked at the loom, in conjunction with the “Su Trobasciu” workshop in Mogoro, a sensitive call to local tradition.

  • This modular bookshelf can be used in combination with others thus resulting in a kaleidoscopic designs inspired by textures with effects of Sardinian traditi .on.

  • The SU chair, equipped with a wooden seat and back and a painted iron structure, embellished with removable cushions made in collaboration with the “Su Trobasciu” workshop in Mogoro.

  • Being a wooden table with circular tops, it features the dynamic shape of the articles and all supporting consisting of five different items.

The artisan

Vincenzo Casu, a skilled woodworker, founded his Techno Legno Plus company in 1977 in Mogoro, a town in the Oristano area rich in tradition. Being a third-generation craftsman, he consolidated and carried on his family tradition, transferring his passion to his son Luigi, working over the years throughout the territory with a customized wooden furniture production, taking care of every step since the design phase. His experimental and creative personality expresses an innate contemporary style that has been the reason why he has been travelling since he was very young, getting in touch with different cultures. Intuition and attention for innovation resulted in collaborations with architects in structural and new design projects, the last of which was the successful collection of furniture and home accessories DMogoro made with architect Roberto Virdis. Techno Legno Plus promotes and upgrades its production by attending major crafts exhibitions.

The collection

The joinery makes customised home furniture, such as kitchens, living rooms and bedrooms, specifically designed for the final context, as well as custom commercial interiors for shops, bars, restaurants and hotels in general. Productions are often made in collaboration with architects and designers. The DMogoro furniture collection, based on a creative project by Roberto Virdis, reinterprets in a contemporary way themes and ideas otypical of Mogoro, a Sardinian village renowned for its ancient craft traditions and, particularly, weaving.

The technique

The large joinery is well equipped modern facility where the craftsman performs the different phases of construction and finishing of the manufactured products. Every product is customised starting with a thorough preliminary study and it is developed in close synergy with the client.

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Type of artefact: Arredamento in legno
Crafting technique: Woodcraft in Sardinia

Where to find them

Techno Legno Plus di Casu Vincenzo Via Sa Struvina 09095 Mogoro (OR)


Telefono: +39 0783 990776; 340 1047965

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