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Giovanni Barra

  • This small frontal flap-opening chest elegantly synthesises the shapes and fine carving of the traditional wedding chest. Made of seasoned chestnut wood with natural colour and finishes, it can be customised to in size and decoration.

  • This refined coffee table is skilfully inlaid with richly interwoven geometric shapes and sophisticated depth effects, obtained using different varieties of wood with different colour rendering.

  • This exquisite wedding chest faithfully reproduces the typical Barbagia pattern in shape and rich decoration, according to a freely composed alphabet of traditional symbols, ancient expressive language carved with great craftsmanship.

  • This exquisite chestnut wood box is meticulously carved with technical virtuosity, reinterpreting the expressive code of the local tradition with sincere inspiration. Created as a unique piece, this artefact is made to order with customised decorations.

  • This small frontal flap-opening chest synthesises the shapes and fine carving of the traditional wedding chest. Made of seasoned chestnut wood with colour and finishes typical of brown walnut, it can be customised to in size and decoration.

The artisan

Giovanni Barra’s wooden artefacts reveal his great artisanal skill, which is evident in the solid and accurate manufacture and in the exquisite decorations. Keeper of a family tradition spanning three generations, Giovanni carries on the work of his father Raimondo with great enthusiasm, standing out for his sophisticated production, which includes typical traditional objects crafted with technical virtuosity. His carved decorations, richly reinterpreting the smallest details of the ancient traditional wedding chests, are striking. Highly committed to his profession, Giovanni approaches every single piece with originality and good taste, starting from the choice of precious materials according to the specific characteristics and structural and aesthetic rendering sought. In his workshop in Samugheo, Giovanni Barra works at his diverse production, taking part every year in the Fiera dell’Artigianato Sardo (Sardinian Handicraft Fair) in Samugheo, where the excellences of Sardinian craftsmanship can be found.

The collection

Giovanni Barra’s carpenter’s shop is characterised for its production of precious wedding chests, home décor of the Sardinian tradition carved with exquisite technical mastery. He also masters his technique in the crafting of coffee tables and carved wooden panels. In addition, he designs and produces precious custom-made furniture and doors and window frames for all settings, which can be customised in style and decorations.

The technique

All carved and inlaid decorations are handcrafted: these are the distinctive features of this craftsman’s production. All work necessary for the realisation of fixtures and furniture, renovations and restorations is carried out, starting from the choice and seasoning of the wood, through all the different phases up to the finishing touches.

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Where to find them

Falegnameria Giovanni Barra Via Garibaldi, 18 09086 Samugheo ()


Telefono: +39 3497868833

Sito web: