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Mariangela Porcu

  • The refined Splendid pendant is crafted according to the manual filet technique using gold-coated cotton thread. Beautifully decorated with baroque pearls, it is part of the Janas line that includes many other artefacts with the same stylistic features.

  • The exquisite, original filet pendants with pearls and coral to be hung on long fine chains in modern asymmetrical compositions recall the buttons of the traditional costume.

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  • These elegant hand-worked filet earrings have an original and harmonious shape. Made of silver-coated metal thread and enriched by pearls and coral paste, they are part of the Reflections line that includes many other artefacts with the same stylistic features.

  • Eye-catching and refined, the pendant of the Reflections line is entirely handcrafted in gold-coated metal thread in star-stitch embroidery on filet, enriched with an original composition of baroque pearls and coral.

The artisan

Mariangela Porcu’s jewellery reinterprets the fine ancient technique of the Bosa filet - a complex traditional Sardinian embroidery techinique which is performed on a meshed fabric - transposed into a different field of craftmanship. Unique and appealing owing to their unusual material rendering, Trina’s jewels are the result of experimentation and great ability in evoking the goldsmith’s ancient filigree tradition with fine techniques and materials. Born on the minor island of Sant’Antioco, she later moved to Cagliari with her family, where she helped her mother in the management of a haberdashery that represented an opportunity for her to gain deep knowledge of the traditional filet. She discovered the Bosa filet almost by chance, and then with enthusiasm started in-depth research into this typical Sardinian embroidery technique also through the exchange of precious skills. Her experimentation and careful analysis of the motifs of this traditional embroidery finally led to the creation of her first jewels. She successfully promotes her creations at the most important trade fairs dedicated to the excellence of the crafts of the island.

The collection

Both delicate and outstanding at the same time, unique in style and technique, Trina’s jewels aesthetically echo ancient lace and refined jewellery, as a precious tribute to the wisdom and typical skills of women. The production consists of several lines corresponding to different technical and aesthetic subjects: Fiore (Flower), Forme (Shapes), Janas, Luna (Moon) which differ in motif, colour and style.

The technique

Mariangela’s creations are all entirely handmade, using the tools traditionally employed for filet: she prepares the mesh, embroiders it with a remarkable number of stitches and then shapes her refined creations with hard and semi-precious stones.

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Type of artefact: Textile fashion accessories

Where to find them

Via principe di Napoli, 25 09134 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 070 561290; 320 159 9991

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