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Mariantonia Urru

  • Fabrics of daily use are employed with balanced composition in the carpet and into the cushions of the Modesto collection.

  • The elegant design of the large carpet offers with sophisticated 3D effects, local vegetation effects, offering an aerial dynamic and harmonious view of a natural garden.

  • This large spectacular carpet in Sardinian wool and cotton in natural white and grey with fine touches of sage green, stands out for its prized abstract decoration created with irregular effects of the traditional pibiones relief technique.

  • The design of the large carpet that uses traditional weaving techniques is inspired by the marine world, providing transparencies and vibrations to the entire compositional design.

  • In this large carpet in natural white Sardinian wool, silk and cotton, the tone-on-tone decoration asymmetrically forms sophisticated geometric solids with experimental pixel effects obtained by increasing and decreasing the density of the artisanal pibiones relief technique.

The artisan

The precious family history, made of ancient skills and new insights, is at the basis of and strongly supports the popular textile production produced by Mariantonia Urru. The company was founded in 1981 by its passionate founder, Mariantonia, in Samugheo, a village in the centre of Sardinia, famous for its living tradition of textile manufacturing, characterized by an ancient symbolic language and traditional loom techniques. Today, under the wise guidance of his sons Giuseppe and Graziano Demelas, it production is characterised by the careful translation of tradition in a current and contemporary form, which preserves and recovers technical and stylistic elements with an innovative approach started by newly designed artifacts. The production process and the stylistic research have helped develop collaborations with leading designers, activating the creative process of strong synergy. The company now focuses on an international market with a wide an diverse collection, intended to be sold to a contemporary clientele, sensitive to the uniqueness and quality of craftsmanship.

The collection

The Mariantonia Urru workshop offers a wide collection of carpets, finely woven and recognizable due to their elegant style, artistic and sophisticated at the same time, divided into various lines created by talented designers, reinterpreting the themes, the symbols and ideas of traditional island. This production is available in addition to a wide range of soft furnishings, curtains, seats and cushions, always characterized by a study of forms, combined with materials and designs that echo elements of tradition and innovative taste. All productions are designed to be used at hotels and business facilities and local accommodation, in a broader concept of environmental synergy that welcomes the territory enhancing the island's current identity with a modern touch.

The technique

The workshop is characterized by a continuous experimentation based on local traditional techniques, with a view to the evolution from the traditional to the innovative contemporary taste. The pibiones and litzos techniques, made on a semimechanic weaving loom, are handmade and used in multiple variations and combinations of natural fabrics. The preparation of threads, made by the same company, results in a chance to experiment the material effects during weaving.

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Where to find them

Mariantonia Urru Via Kennedy, 77 09086 Samugheo (OR)


Telefono: +39 0783 64287

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