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Pietro Fois Artigianato e Design dell'Arredamento

The artisan

The artisanal production of Pietro Taddeo Fois’s carpenter’s shop stands out for its solid and accurate manufacturing and its experimental approach towards the contemporary context of the island in the domain of art, architecture and design. Pietro started his apprenticeship when he was only sixteen in several carpenter’s shops in Nuoro and in 2003 he set up his own workshop. After only a few years, the latter distinguished itself for the particular attention given to art and creativity, as revealed by the setting up of exhibitions and collaborations with the main museums of the island, such as the MAN Museum and the Regional Ethnographic Institute in Nuoro, the Museo Nivola in Orani, as well as the Sardinian Foundation and Ilisso Publishing House. Of particular momentum is the encounter with architect-designer Antonello Cuccu, with whom Pietro activated a distinctive collaboration characterised by the synergy between craftsmanship and design, which has led to the realisation of noteworthy interior design and to the production of decorative objects that interpret themes inspired by Sardinia with new taste. Renowned for his innate inventiveness and insight, Pietro Fois and his artisanal carpenter’s shop are today a reference point for architects and designers, as proven by his long and remarkable professional career that brings together numerous experiences and collaborations, including the participation in the 19th Biennial of Sardinian Craftsmanship, Domo, awarded with the prestigious Compasso D’Oro prize in 2011.

The collection

Pietro Fois’s production is characterised by great versatility, which enables this skilled craftsman to perform with equal accuracy a heterogeneous variety of woodwork ranging from the design and execution of custom-made furniture to home decor and interior design, to small artistic objects, invariably characterised by original aesthetic value and accurate manufacture. In collaboration with architects and designers, he realises the setting up of exhibitions, museum design and interior design, as well as furniture and other items of home décor with marked artistic and contemporary features.

The technique

In his large and well-equipped carpenter’s workshop, Pietro performs all the artisanal techniques needed to produce customised products and furniture, using high quality wood and paints, and with the utmost care for finishing details.

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Type of artefact: Arredamento in legno

Where to find them

Artigianato & Design Dell'Arredamento di Fois Pietro Taddeo Zona Industriale Prato Sardo 08100 Nuoro (NU)

Telefono: +39 0784 231390