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Pierpaolo Mandis

  • This noteworthy artefact with a handcrafted straw seat made from skilfully woven local marsh plants is decorated with carved motifs. It reproduces the traditional chair, su scannu, in the version which is used in combination with the well-known wedding chest.

  • This capacious decorative chest that reproduces the lines of the traditional Sardinian chest is solidly manufactured and hand-decorated with carved motifs. Coated with semi-transparent light-blue paint that shows the fine wood grain, it is enriched with subtle gold and white brush painting.

  • This distinctive traditional wedding chest made of chestnut wood with solid lines and finely carved decorations, is designed as an elegant container in refined natural colours.

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  • This original wooden stool that conceptually recalls the small stool used traditionally near the hearth has clear-cut essential lines.

The artisan

The work and technical expertise, evident in the products of Pier Paolo Mandis, reveal the skill deriving from family tradition. Born in Mogoro, a village in the province of Oristano known for its lively craftsmanship, during his youth Pier Paolo keenly observed woodcraft in his father Carlino’s carpenter’s shop. His father was specialised in the production of the traditional local chairs with a straw seat, thus he developed the sensitivity to understand and respect the complexity of this kind of work and the importance of experience. Thanks to his interest and inspiration, he learned the techniques of carpentry and in 2005 he took over the management of the family business, refining and modernising the procedures with a personal touch, turning to a clientele appreciative of high-quality tailor made furniture without disowning the local tradition. In his carpenter’s workshop Su Maistu De Linna in Mogoro, Pier Paolo works tirelessly, seeking innovation, which he pursues through refined co-operations with local designers.

The collection

The finest furniture of Sardinian tradition, such as carved chests, chairs, tables and sideboards are handcrafted in Pier Paolo Mandis’ carpenter’s workshop Su Maistu de Linna with the utmost care for all details of composition and carved decorations, which are all handcrafted. In addition to these, he designs and produces custom-made furniture for any room of the house in different styles and carved decorations. Some of his woodwork featuring experimental aesthetics is the fruitful result of collaborations with designers.

The technique

This carpenter’s workshop is specialised in the realisation of a wide range of furniture using efficient means of production. Traditional carpenter’s techniques are expertly performed with the utmost care.

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Where to find them

Mogoro Vico Quarto Gramsci, 8 09095 Mogoro (OR)

Telefono: +39 0783 990003