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Daniela Zedda

  • Practical and elegant, these linen breakfast placemats with napkins are decorated with original and refined motifs taken from tradition and revisited in a contemporary key, carefully finished by hand with hemstitching, the hallmark of this workshop.

  • These refined linen tablecloths and napkins are decorated with motifs taken from the local textile tradition, finished with accurate hand-made hemstitching, a hallmark of this workshop.

  • These fine linen table runners are decorated with motifs taken from the local textile tradition, carefully finished with hemstitching, the hallmark of this workshop.

  • These long woollen scarves are hand woven on the loom with fine striped effects in refined variations and shades of colours. Produced as elegant fashion accessories, they are characterised by the original craftsmanship that makes every artefact unique.

  • These elegant linen cushions have original decorative compositions designed by this weaver using the loom according to the pibiones relief technique and drawn cloth effects in fine chromatic combinations.

The artisan

Daniela Zedda’s refined weaving stands out for the elegant stylistic approach which, with an original trait, reinterprets ancient artefacts, the result of the well-balanced combination of traditional designs with new technical and decorative experiments leading to a high-quality contemporary production. Daniela approached loom weaving at a very young age, by attending a course in Isili, her home village in the Sarcidano area renowned for its handicraft tradition, where she learned the local textile techniques. Insightful and explorative, she moved to Samugheo, a centre of textile excellence, where she acquired a modern approach to weaving and also learned to use the loom for drapery, which she then reinterpreted with technical virtuosity, expertly customising the warping and weaving techniques. In 1999 she purchased a large loom and set up her own shop/workshop in Isili, L’Angolino, where she launched a production of drapery for the home, distinctive for the accurate finishes, entirely handcrafted and characterised by the inventiveness used to experiment refined techniques and ornamental compositions using high-quality materials. Alongside the fabrics for the home, she produces original fashion accessories, whose hallmark are the handcrafted fabrics with technical and tonal variations. She participates in the main promotional activities and exhibitions for local crafts as a representative of the excellence of novel productions.

The collection

Daniela Zedda’s refined production counts a wide range of drapery and fabrics for the home where the traditional decorations are reinterpreted with original contemporary taste. Curtains, bedspreads, cushions, tablecloths, table runners and placemats for breakfast are characterised by the technical experimentation in the design of the fabric, by the prevailing use of linen yarns and by the elegant and accurate decorative composition. Alongside the textile home accessories, she also produces fashion accessories such as her striking large linen, cotton and wool stoles with striped fabric handcrafted in refined versions and chromatic shades.

The technique

The workshop distinguishes itself for this craftswoman’s skill in designing new fabrics using a semi-automatic loom, which are crafted according to their intended aesthetic features and use. The typical pibiones relief technique is also performed using natural linen, cotton and wool yarns. All the accurate finishes are handmade and enriched with fine drawn thread embroidery.

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Where to find them

L'Angolino - Laboratorio Tessile Artigiale Via Umberto I', 11 08033 Isili (CA)


Telefono: +39 0782 804029

Sito web: