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  • This original rectangular cushion features graphic fabrics with clear-cut backgrounds in red, white, black and cork, with the large module of the lapwing which is strikingly stylised.

  • Elegant and original, this cushion in black cotton is decorated with the stylised lapwing, shaped in cork fabric and embroidered onto the cushion, which is drawn from the local decorative tradition with contemporary synthesis of striking aesthetic value.

  • With its original and contemporary style, this cushion in embroidered fabric and cork is characterised by the distinctive design of the stylised horse, taken from the local textile tradition and innovatively reinterpreted, in red in stark contrast against a black background.

  • These three table runners characterised by originally stylised animals and a different graphic and chromatic composition have a contemporary style which reinterprets the local decorative tradition.

  • The essential lines of this armchair enhance the original asymmetrical composition of the decorative modules, in strong graphic and chromatic contrast, amongst which the central horse stands out, an element taken from the local decorative iconography with a stylised and contemporary form.

The artisan

The artefacts by Filatex have a contemporary style that draws on the wide range of Sardinian handicrafts in order to create an innovative line of home décor accessories, which stand out for the use of fabrics and embroidery that form well-known compositions. The Filatex products are the result of a successful combination of skills: the established Filatex business of Furio Carturan and Bianca Damiani adds to the artistic and design skills of Mara Damiani, who studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Brera and who has a remarkable experience in the sector of graphics and illustration. Together, they look into the island's traditions from which stylised animals and decorative forms in bold colours, strongly evocative of traditional Sardinian weaving and costumes, are drawn and rendered with a captivating trait in projects for the creation of a sophisticated line of furnishing accessories. A very recent business, from the start Filatex stood out for its originality and clearly recognisable style, which is now well-known thanks to the widespread presence in the main handicraft and design shops on the island and the participation in the main trade fair events dedicated to the local and national handicraft excellences.

The collection

Filatex produces a distinctive line of textile furnishing accessories inspired by delicate references to the traditions and costumes of Sardinia, which are reinterpreted according to its unmistakeable contemporary taste. The entire collection is characterised by the elaboration of three typical animal figures: the moorhen, the little horse and the lapwing, all artistically stylised, combined with an explicit chromatic choice focused on white, black and red juxtaposed to the natural colour of cork. Cushions, decorative panels, table runners, upholstery for armchairs and other home décor items are easily recognisable for their decisive style capable of interpreting the rich traditional Sardinian culture in a novel and personal way.

The technique

The textile furnishing accessories by Filatex are designed through a conceptual and stylistic study of local traditions, realised using hand-operated digitised embroidery techniques and finished with the utmost care and precision.

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Where to find them

Filatex Via Oristano 2 09033 Decimomannu ()


Telefono: +39 070 9531952; 347 3415756; 349 4603903

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