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Adriano Firinu

  • This fine pendant features the light figure of a spider in white gold thread with a sapphire and diamond bezel. The technique of Valenza and expert craftsmanship are combined in the creation of this unique piece.

  • Characterised by modern and minimal aesthetics, this ring is an original reinterpretation of the corbula of the local goldsmith tradition crafted using a single thick silver thread worked in the shape of a spiral.

  • This large pendant evokes the archaic Mother Goddess figure of the pre-Nuragic civilisation in a contemporary key through the use of fret worked silver foil using different methods to set the four different stone types: pink quartz, obsidian, lapis lazuli and brown diamond.

  • The stylised figures of a man and a woman with the essential lines taken from the archaic Nuragic culture are holding one another in a perfect, idealised embrace. Made of thick shaped silver thread, they are exclusively designed by this goldsmith.

  • This elegant silver pendant with garnet, coral and the Eye of Saint Lucia, typically used in the Sardinian goldsmith tradition, is striking for the original revolving mechanism thanks to which it shows its two faces.

The artisan

Adriano Firinu distinguishes himself for the sophisticated craftsmanship arising out of a rare training in the goldsmith handicraft of excellence. He moved his first professional steps at a very young age starting to work as an apprentice in a renowned workshop set up by a couple of German goldsmiths in Narbolia, his childhood village. This training, thanks to which he qualified as a goldsmith, determined Adriano’s evident artistic approach and a desire to specialise in the crafting of all the parts of silver jewels, in addition to the cutting and setting of stones. He furthered his professional skills at the branch of a factory of Valenza in Oristano, which produces prestigious artefacts for the main international jewellery brands; there he specialised in high-precision goldsmith techniques and in embedding using a microscope. He then continued his training and work in Antwerp and Valenza, following which in 2012 he finally set up a well-equipped workshop in Oristano, also thanks to regional funding. His activity as a highly specialised gem-setter characterises most of his customised creations, which is accompanied by a distinctive production with an original trait in which the silver is crafted in plastic forms and insightful design using various techniques. A dynamic personality, he fosters the exchange of skills: he collaborates with goldsmiths and jewellers, contributing his recognised mastery as a gem embedder and also for high-precision work.

The collection

Adriano Firinu’s goldsmith workshop stands out for the first-class jewellery techniques applied to the setting of precious stones; he is the only person on the island to perform the technique of embedding using a microscope, thanks to which he makes exclusive, custom made artefacts. Alongside this rich and varied production there is a collection of silver jewellery, which counts a variety of refined pieces that are the result of a combination of techniques and contemporary taste, adding artisanal skill to sensitive creative designs to realise original artefacts inspired by archaic expressive forms of the Sardinian culture, with lines and symbols that are reinterpreted with insightful artistic sense. A dynamic personality, he fosters the exchange of skills: he collaborates with goldsmiths and jewellers, contributing his recognised mastery as a gem embedder and also for high-precision work.

The technique

The embedding techniques applied to first-class jewellery are the hallmark of the productions of this goldsmith workshop, among which setting with the use of a microscope represents the highest level of precision, since Adriano Firinu is the only goldsmith on the island who can perform this type of embedding. All the traditional goldsmith techniques are performed. Equipped with the latest technology such as laser, he also performs welding of the maximum precision, applicable to different metals including steel.

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Where to find them

Sardegna Brillante di Adriano Firinu Via Luigi Canepa 36 09170 Oristano ()


Telefono: +39 347 9482319