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Sa Ide carpet

The artefact

This prized carpet presents the typical motif of the vine, sa mustra de sa ide, with elegant and detailed black floral decorations against a yellow background, evocative of the ancient dowry chest covers for its fine composition and manufacture. Entirely handcrafted with fine cotton yarn and twisted Sardinian wool and using the pibiones relief technique, this artefact expresses the style of the workshop which has strong ties with the local tradition.


Materiali: Cotton, Sardinian wool
Tecniche di lavorazione: "A pibiònes", "a rànu", "a beltighitta", "a soprariccio" weaving techniques
Dimensioni: Width 66 cm; Length 142 cm
Località di produzione: Samugheo

Artigiano: Isabella Frongia
Settore: Webbing

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