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  • This practical solution to decorate tables in an original way, is a table runner made of cotton and linen, characterized by the a pibiones technique, inspired by the Sardinian weaving tradition.

  • This cotton tone-on-tone carpet decorated with the so-called giro fiori, a composition of geometrical and floral elements woven with the traditional a soprariccio semipieno technique, is a refined and bright accessory, easy to maintain and suitable for different settings.

  • This prized carpet presents the typical motif of the vine, sa mustra de sa ide, with elegant and detailed black floral decorations against a yellow background, evocative of the ancient dowry chest covers for its fine composition and manufacture.

  • Original and archaic, this gold necklace has a central pendant depicting the Mother Goddess of the Nuragic culture whose apotropaic value is emphasised by the juxtaposition of vari-coloured coral and mother of pearl, embellished by small granulated gold elements.

  • This hand-woven carpet is crafted on a flat loom with a pibiones reliefs. It is made of Sardinian T-moro brown wool, dyed with natural colours, featuring the typical sa musta e s’ascia motif, characterized by the use of grapes and shoots to bring good luck.

Il settore

The traditional textile industry offers a remarkable production, resulting from the mediation between history and traditional knowledge and the needs of contemporary living. The craftsmen working on the island – almost all of them pursuing family traditions, having been trained since they were children in the use of hand looms – now offer a very high quality production, full of archaic memories but, at the same time, featuring a modern design, a reinterpretation of the past to give new life to it. Nowadays, the textiles made in Sardinia feature a distinctive Sardinian character, the core element of Sardinian craftsmanship, but they also offer new shapes, models and materials with a strong and modern personality.