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Collector’s knife with antique tortoise shell handle

The artefact

Pattadese table knife for collectors, entirely handcrafted with steel blade, handle with grips in antique tortoise shell with hand-decorated screwed rivets, fine floral motifs engraved with a natural effect on 416 stainless steel, specially performed on the finished knife by an expert engraver upon request. Made with artisanal virtuosity and refined aesthetics, it is specially made to order as a unique artefact for collectors, it comes in combination with a twin knife with a white ivory handle and a different engraved decoration.


Materiali: Steel, Silver
Tecniche di lavorazione: The crafting of the blade, Fixed blade knife handle with grips
Dimensioni: Length 22.5 cm; Width 2.5 cm; Thickness 1 cm
Località di produzione: Pattada

Artigiano: Gianmario Fogarizzu
Settore: Knives

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