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Pattadese jack knives

The artefact

Pattadese jack knives with myrtle leaf-shaped blade, handle with shaped grips in dark ram horn with fine light grain, rivets and the traditional a piccadura-punched brass joint ring. Masterly crafted as unique items with original manufacturing details, they represent the expertise and knowledge of the local tradition, of which they faithfully perpetuate procedures and aesthetic composition.


Materiali: Steel, Horn, Brass
Tecniche di lavorazione: The crafting of the blade, Pattadese jack knife
Dimensioni: Length 28.5 cm; Width 3 cm; Thickness 2.5 cm
Località di produzione: Pattada

Artigiano: Gianmario Fogarizzu
Settore: Knives

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Materials: Steel Horn Brass