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Goat sculpture

The artefact

The refined small goats sculptures realised using the evocative naked raku technique have stylised shapes and differing decorations. They stand out for the fine expressive strength and the high decorative value characterising the figure of an animal that is part of the typical iconography of local craftsmanship, decorated with ever-changing motifs on striking surfaces. Handcrafted in refractory clay, they are part of the Animali line, distinctive production of this ceramist.


Materiali: Fire clay
Tecniche di lavorazione: Moulding, Manual shaping, Raku
Dimensioni: Height 18 cm
Località di produzione: Iglesias

Artigiano: Alessandro Lai
Settore: Ceramics

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Crafting technique: Moulding Manual shaping Raku
Materials: Fire clay