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Urchin bowl

The artefact

The fascinating shape of a sea urchin, crafted with surprising technical skill and expertise, is realized and transformed into an object of several uses: as a storage tray, centrepiece or simple decorative piece, it is characterized by a sheer contrast of the red of the inside and the black of the spines. Available in different formats and sizes, it is one on the most successful examples of contemporary craftsmanship.


Materiali: Clay, Glaze
Tecniche di lavorazione: Lathe-shaping, Manual shaping, Glazing
Dimensioni: diameter cm 40; Height cm 14
Località di produzione: Luras

Artigiano: Leoni Arte
Settore: Ceramics

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Crafting technique: Lathe-shaping Manual shaping Glazing
Materials: Clay Glaze