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Ceramiche Artistiche Fabrizio Budroni

  • The charismatic silhouette of the cat has playful and distinctive stylisations in this glazed ceramic sculpture, in black or white, with fine decorative, plastic and sgraffito details, in which the warm colour of terracotta is visible.

  • Peculiar fish-shaped elongated vases featuring different colours, made of lathe-crafted glazed ceramics. They are part of the Pesci collection, including several stylised sea creatures, in this case decorated with charming graffito and glaze techniques.

  • This series of glazed ceramic moorhens includes brightly coloured decorative objects. This piece is part of the Gallinelle collection, featuring the stylised shapes of the popular subject of traditional craftsmanship.

  • Evocative of simplicity and purity, the figure of the Angel is skilfully stylised in the lines of this pure white glazed ceramic sculpture. It is part of the Natali line, in which the charismatic image is interpreted in many refined stylisations, with ever-changing details.

  • The rounded shape of a moorhen is the main feature of this glazed ceramic centrepiece, that is lathe-made and decorated. It is part of the Gallinelle collection featuring a stylised representation of the most popular animal of traditional local craftsmanship.

The artisan

Fabrizio Budroni combines the technical expertise of the craftsman to the sensitive soul of the artist. He graduated at the Art Institute of Sassari and after several experiences, in 1989 he opened his workshop in Porto Torres, followed by a retail shop in the city centre. Currently located in the countryside close to the village, the laboratory is the place where the craftsman designs and makes experiments, applying ceramics techniques to his works of art and objects of daily use. In the summer season he moves to the Asinara Island, inside the structure that once housed the old jail, where he crafts and exhibits his productions. Among the most important works, the The Lord of the abyss memorial statue is worth mentioning, a 2.5 meter tall Christ installed on the shores of Cala Reale.

The collection

Several collections characterise his ceramics production, many of which are dedicated to animals typical of the island traditions, with an explicit reference to the marine world: moorhens, owls, fish of various shapes and sizes turn into vases, bowls, plates or decorative elements, offering an intriguing world of cheerful and colourful objects, figment of the imagination and sensitivity of the craftsman.

The technique

In his workshop, Fabrizio Budroni crafts object using his hands only, including lathe forming, that is his main technique. Being present while he uses his lathe means to witness a fascinating ritual celebrated with his hands with the aim of give life to a new object. Graffiti, glazing and enameling complete his works, enriching his collections with cheerful and lively chromatic and decorative elements.

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Where to find them

Laboratorio Ceramiche Artistiche Fabrizio Budroni Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 70 07046 Porto Torres (SS)


Telefono: +39 349 7204052; +39 079 508110

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