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Salvatore Sanna

  • The iron hand-forged art object is inspired by the shape of a Nuragic navicella. The burnishing effects provide different surface colours and iridescence.

  • Small silhouettes of deer, mouflons, wild boars, oxen and lapwings, carefully stylized and decorated with iridescent mottling, make up the series of animal figures inspired by the local wildlife.

  • The hand-hammered iron lantern characterized by the evocative addition of stylized deer heads, is an evolution of the traditional oil lantern, inspired by the Nuragic culture.

  • The artistic object that portrays the essence of feminine shapes, is inspired by the archaic figure of the Mother Goddess, the symbol of fertility. Made of hand-fashioned iron, they are decorated with flame effects that give the surfaces suggestive colours and iridescence.

  • The traditional lapwing  is used in several precious decorations in their rich interpretation of hand-forged iron, decorated with polychrome resins and dyes which give the precious object material effects and speckled colors.

The artisan

The production of expert artisan Salvatore Sanna combines metalsmith with great passion and artistic sensitivity. Inspired by the territory and the traditions of Sardinia, Salvatore reinterprets motifs of the local tradition in a contemporary way, combining the archaic Nuragic civilisation and modern craftsmanship. In his workshop in Oliena, he designs and makes his products entirely by hand, implementing new forms and techniques.

The collection

Salvatore Sanna's decorative objects have different inspirations. The animali collection includes a series of small sculptures in which shapes are contoured on an iron sheet with elegant stylization, decorated with iridescent nuances on mottled and burnished surfaces. Archaic inspirations characterize the production that is inspired by the Nuragic civilization, with the symbols of the Mother Goddess and the Navicella, very much related to Sardinian identity and its people.

The technique

In his workshop, he performs different manual ironsmith techniques: cutting, forging and molding, embossing, burnishing and different techniques of wax finishing or painting with experimental variations.

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Where to find them

Cav. P. Sanna 08025 Oliena (NU) ()