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Massimo Boi

  • This fine glazed ceramic bowl features an elegant abstract motif with a bright red decoration on the inside.

  • The minimal shape of this vase is characterised by a black background against which an animated, magical underwater world is seemingly brought to life, emphasised by the bright iridescent effects of glazing and fine details.

  • This vase-sculpture in the shape of a large blue sphere is decorated with fluctuating stylised marine figures.

  • This large drop-shaped bowl gathers the vivid story of the seabed, illuminated by golden shades recalling the refraction of the sun-rays through the seawater on opaline rocks. Crafted as a unique piece, this artefact varies depending on the raku technique used by the craftsman.

  • Tale-like colourful stylised figures embellish the elegant black disks. Finely handcrafted, they are designed as unique pieces that differ in detail and in the rich brush strokes of the enamelled decoration.

The artisan

Massimo Boi’s ceramics captivate the observer for their poetry. Brightly-colored designs almost come to life, abstract animal figures evoke floating worlds with fascinating graphic and material details, obtained with wise technical virtuosity. Native of Carbonia, Massimo studied at the School of Art in Oristano, renowned for its ancient artisan ceramic tradition. In the early 1980s he was one of the founding partners of the renowned CMA - Ceramiche Maestri d’Arte – cooperative company in Oristano, which was established thanks to the insightful entrepreneurhsip of a group of art school graduates and which relaunched the ceramic tradition of the town. A few years later he went his own way, starting his artistic career characterised by technical and stylistic experimentation leading to the achievement of a distinctive craft identity in which the raku ceramic technique, by his own definition, better reflects his research. New techniques are combined with the consolidated skills expressed in a distinctive production featuring a recognisable lyrical and contemporary style. His spacious and inspiring workshop is along the coastline of Quartu Sant’Elena, near Cagliari, equipped for diverse procedures and with open areas for raku firing. He promotes his creations in the best shops that specialise in the sale of local handicrafts and he participates in the main exhibitions and fairs of the local and international crafts sector as a prominent representative of the lively and sought-after production of Sardinian ceramics.

The collection

Massimo Boi’s ceramics have a highly decorative impact: vases, bowls, plates, lamps, panels, small animals and decorative elements for various environments, characterised by organic and original shapes, with a solid material structure and ever-changing poetic decorations. Each creation is unique and customisable. Raku decoration is used with customised procedures that emphasise the matte (smoked) black background against glossy full colour.

The technique

The raku technique, tailored with regard to the procedures according to their own expressive code, is the distinguishing feature of Massimo Boi’s production. Lathe-shaping or plate-shaping are often enriched by manual plastic additions.

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Where to find them

Quartu Sant'Elena Via delle Pandoree, 27 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena (CA)


Telefono: +39 070807456; 3336401022

Sito web: