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Silvia Lai Vetrina E'

  • This pendant made of fret worked plate, with a mirror finish and cork paste inserts charmingly stylises the form of a butterfly wing. Entirely handmade based on the original design by this creative artisan, it is available in a variety of shapes and details.

  • Striking necklace with stylised, clear-cut coil-shaped and circular lines that capture archaic evocations. It is made of polished silver and cork paste with contrasting surfaces and material effects.

  • This elegant cuff bracelet has minimal, clear-cut lines that recall the archaic style of the Nuragic culture in the axe-shaped elements which are innovatively crafted enhancing the striking contrast between the cold shine of silver and the warm texture of cork paste.

  • This silver ring with a mirror-finish surface that has a central irregularity that houses a small copper sphere, draws on the shape of the corbula, a woven receptacle of the local tradition.

  • Simple and essential, these spiral-shaped silver earrings with cork paste ball evoke archaic symbols inspired by the Nuragic and the Mediterranean cultures.

The artisan

Silvia Lai’s Vetrina È, situated in the charming Marina district of Cagliari, welcomes you with its expressive creations, jewellery that harmoniously combine the apparently contrasting perfect, cold beauty of metal with the warmth emanating from cork. This skilled craftswoman’s jewellery reproduces natural elements through her own cork crafting method, transforming cork into well-defined organic forms, clearly evocative of the landscapes of the island. Silvia learned the goldsmith’s techniques during her apprenticeship at a renowned goldsmith’s workshop in Cagliari. She later specialised in the mirror finishing of metal at a Vicenza-trained goldsmith’s. A personal decorative vision strongly linked to the archaic symbolism of Sardinian and Mediterranean culture characterise her work.

The collection

Her collection consists of two production lines combining silver with either cork or copper. The archaic and symbolic shapes expressed with contemporary taste are enhanced by the contrast between the tangible texture of cork and copper and the mirror-like silver finishings. Bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants and earrings are available in many versions and can also be customised on request.

The technique

Cork is crafted using a personal technique transforming and adapting it to the different needs of the design. Several traditional goldsmith’s techniques are also used, with particular attention given to the mirror finishing of metal.

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Where to find them

Cagliari Via Napoli, 50 09123 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 349 634 4295

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