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Sorelle Piredda

  • This elegant white silk shawl with a long hand-crafted fringe is embroidered with forms inspired by ancient idioms and symbols of archaic Mediterranean cultures. The certificate of origin of the materials used is proof of the value of the prestigious made in Italy.

  • The large red flower, taken from the motifs of the shawls of Oliena and the characteristic stylised tulips inspired by the apron of the traditional costume of Orgosolo, characterise this large decorative panel with red and yellow embroidery against a black background.

  • This decorative panel in silk and cork, which revives the motif of the shawl that this atelier crafted especially for Miriam Makeba, is an evident tribute to this internationally renowned artist.

  • Inspired by the fine shawls of Oliena, this refined black silk shawl is characterised by the unusual and original technique used to craft the fabric as a carving, a technical and stylistic hallmark of this atelier.

  • This decorative panel featuring the large motif of the winged beetle, drawn from the iconography of ancient Egypt, is in line with the eclectic style of this atelier that investigates and reinterprets archaic themes which were once part of the ancient Mediterranean cultures.

The artisan

The Piredda sisters, spurred by their passion for haute couture, set up their Atelier in the mid-nineties, specialising in exclusive creations strongly inspired by the Mediterranean culture. Present in the national and international haute couture scenario for over thirty years, their garments tell stories of a people and a territory, Sardinia, with its rich archaic tradition. Starting from the Solstizio d’estate (Summer Solstice) event, an important fashion show they personally created and organised which was held in Cagliari from 1996 to 2004, in the impressive setting on the steps leading up to the Bonaria Basilica where the collections of prestigious fashion studios in the Mediterranean were exhibited, the Piredda sisters encountered a crescendo of popularity that included their participation in the main events of the fashion industry: Altaroma in Rome and Milano Moda Donna in Milan just to name a few. The prestige of their fashion studio increased also thanks to important awards, including the recent special Francesco Alziator award and the honorary citizenship granted by the municipality of Sorradile. In their charming atelier in the historic district of Castello, in Cagliari, Paola and Patrizia invariably captivate their ever-increasing clientele with their original proposals, adding a vibrant Sardinian touch to the typical made in Italy.

The collection

The precious embroideries inspired by the shawls of Oliena and the evocative traditional Sardinian costumes, reinterpreted in shape and technique, are the distinctive features of Paola and Patrizia’s sophisticated production, enriching evening gowns, shawls, accessories and a wide range of decorative items and home accessories with refined colours and contrasting volumes. Tailor-made clothing is complemented by the more simple pret-à-porter line and by a rich collection of home accessories and decor.

The technique

Alongside the haute couture techniques reserved for the tailor-made and pret-à-porter design, a unique embroidery technique is executed exclusively by hand. Each finishing is wisely hand-crafted.

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Where to find them

Cagliari Piazza San Giuseppe, 4 09124 Cagliari (CA)


Telefono: +39 334 2157266; 349 5500528

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