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Società Cooperativa Tessile Su Marmuri

The artisan

Among the most renowned and recognisable handicraft productions in the contemporary scenario on the island, the refined creations of the Su Marmuri textile cooperative company stand out for their high-quality manufacturing and sophisticated stylistic research, which are the result of a particular ability to interpret tradition in a contemporary key and of invaluable collaborations with local artists and designers. Founded in 1971 by a group of young weavers in Ulassai, a village set in the evocative naturalistic rocky landscape in the heart of Ogliastra, the cooperative received awards from the very start for its craftsmanship and creative approach that, in 1981, led to an unparalleled collaboration with the renowned artist Maria Lai, native of the same village, for an original production of carpets characterised by the motif of a stylised goat, consolidated over time as their hallmark. A number of collaborations took place with Maria Lai, who designed other successful motifs for the textile workshop, drawing inspiration from the local nature and culture, in perfect synergy with the weavers who she nicknamed her “playmates”. Currently, the cooperative, which continues to renew and increase the close-knit working group, carries on its production and reinterprets, with tireless inspiration and consolidated expertise, traditional designs with a sensitive innovative approach. Highly appreciated and sought after, the fabrics, carpets and furnishing accessories produced by Su Marmuri are distributed in the main shops on the island that specialise in artistic craftsmanship and home décor, and also in their workshop in Ulassai. They participate as a business of excellence in the main exhibitions of the sector in Sardinia, representing the lively atmosphere contemporary handicraft.

The collection

The production of Su Marmuri textile cooperative company counts a wide range of carpets, fabrics and furnishing accessories made with exclusive manual technique and with fine materials, in which the recognisable motifs mainly feature a sober and elegant use of colours in neutral tones, black and contrasting shades of grey and red. The large carpets are distinctive, in particular those with the motif of the goat first designed by Maria Lai and realised, according to her will, with ever-changing geometric patterns designed by the weavers while the artefact is being crafted. The careful research of high-quality natural materials and the refined and neat finishing touches are evident in the fine drapery, decorated with skilful reinterpretations of traditional motifs.

The technique

This workshop performs manual weaving on semi-automatic looms using the pibiones relief technique.

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Where to find them

via Dante 08040 Ulassai (NU)


Telefono: +39 078279076

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