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Femias cushion in Betua

The artefact

The elegant decoration of this cushion accurately revives the weaving of the traditional saddlebags, betua, in the black and white motif interrupted by a band with small stylised bright polychrome modules depicting women. Realised using the handloom and decorated with the a bagas technique typical of the well-known weaving of Mogoro, it is produced as a strikingly decorative element.


Materiali: Cotton, Sardinian wool
Tecniche di lavorazione: "A mattonisi", "a dentes", "battoro in posta" weaving technique, "A s'agu", "a bàgas", "a punt'i agu" weaving
Dimensioni: Length 40 cm; Width 40 cm
Località di produzione: Mogoro

Artigiano: Su Trobasciu
Settore: Webbing

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