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Su Trobasciu

  • Elegant and contemporary, the decorative composition of this large carpet with geometric motifs is embellished by the melange effect obtained by mixing in the weaving black and white Sardinian wool yarns.

  • Decorated with a rich floral pattern, this tapestry is the symbol of the traditional weaving industry of the village of  Mogoro, woven with precious silk threads into sophisticated chromatic harmonies, dyed with natural colours and decorated with golden threads.

  • This collection of cushions decorated with balanced geometrical and colour variations, woven with the a posta technique on a traditional handloom, are characterized by a sober reference to traditional designs, and available in different customized sets.

  • Refined hand-woven black and white table strip with a small diamond-shaped geometric pattern, a ramu weaving technique, and decorative frills with good luck vine-shoots and grape bunches, sa mostra e s’axia, woven with silver threads on a black field.

  • This collection of cushions decorated with floral stylised motifs organized in large modules, is inspired by the textile tradition of the village of Mogoro and woven on a traditional manual loom with many-coloured silk threads, and silver and gold threads on a natural cotton field.

The artisan

Cooperativa Tessile Su Trobasciu was founded in 1978 in Mogoro by a group of women engaged in the ISOLA pilot weaving project. In-depth studies accompany the work of these seven artisans, that is not based any more on the sole teachings of their mothers or local customs, but it relies on the support of a broader sense of educated recovery of tradition. Research puts together, compares and helps make choices among the best of each local custom, each artefact, each technique. In this way, particularly valuable and complex crafts are still carried out, encouraging the development of individual skills, allowing a more sophisticated artistic free development. The center is also very active in the fields of promotion and teaching, being a regional point of reference for quality in the textile sector.

The collection

The faithful copy of traditional patterns is accompanied by a new interpretation of artifacts, where the creativity and imagination of the weavers gives birth to surprising and new solutions. Also their collaboration with architects and designers is significant in the development of new interpretations of tradition. A distinctive feature of the production is the collection of tapestries, artifacts featuring a strongly identity, accompanied by the production of a wide range of carpets and home textiles: pillows, table covers, towels and fabrics of all kinds, crafted with the most sophisticated manual weaving techniques. Natural materials and precious traditional designs and modern styles, create a vast and sophisticated repertoire of productions.

The technique

One of the main features of this cooperative is the use of handlooms for the creation of interesting and sophisticated weaving, through the implementation of traditional techniques, such as a bagas, dedicated, but not limited to, the creation of complex and valuable tapestries, which enables the weaving of very complex shapes, resulting in a valuable, rich and compact work, merging the a pibiones and the a mattonisi techniques with several different technical solutions, performed with great knowledge and skill. The different size of the frames allows the execution of different artifacts, while the techniques applied to different materials, provide new and original aesthetic solutions.

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Where to find them

Cooperativa Artigiana Su Trobasciu Via Antonio Gramsci, 1 09095 Mogoro (OR)


Telefono: +39 (0)783 990581 - +39 (0)783 997177

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