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AF153 white Carpet

The artefact

In this large carpet in natural white Sardinian wool, silk and cotton, the tone-on-tone decoration asymmetrically forms sophisticated geometric solids with experimental pixel effects obtained by increasing and decreasing the density of the artisanal pibiones relief technique. Based on the fine and exclusive design by the designer Antonio Forteleoni, this carpet is representative of the modern interpretations by this handicraft workshop, a combination of expertise and knowledge of ancient techniques using the loom, sensitive stylistic research and experimental approach.


Materiali: Sardinian wool, Cotton
Tecniche di lavorazione: "A pibiònes", "a rànu", "a beltighitta", "a soprariccio" weaving techniques
Dimensioni: Length 260 cm; Width 200 cm
Località di produzione: Samugheo

Artigiano: Mariantonia Urru
Settore: Webbing

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